Weekend detox diet – Flat belly in 2 days!

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Weekend detox diet - flat belly in 2 days!

If you have a few extra pounds that are bothering you, then you are on the right place. With this detox diet you can lose 2-3 kg and get a flat stomach.

Weekend diets are stressful for the body and they are recommended only for healthy people. You shouldn’t even think of continuing with this diet more than 2 days, because it can harm your health.
The diet begins in Saturday morning and ends Sunday evening.


Breakfast : low calorie yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit.
Lunch: Cooked fish with lemon juice and olive oil , green salad with lemon juice and olive oil and whole wheat toast.
Dinner : low calorie yogurt and boiled zucchini (or other boiled vegetable).


Breakfast : 1 cup of mint tea without sugar , 1 whole wheat toast , 1 piece of ham .
Lunch: boiled green beans seasoned with garlic and lemon juice .
Snack : 250 grams of seasonal fruit but not bananas .
Dinner : 1 whole wheat toast , lettuce , 1 cup of tea without sugar

This weekend detox diet will cleanse the body in just 2 days.