Ways to boost your fertility naturally

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Ways to boost your fertility naturally

Every tenth fertile couple needs more than a year to conceive. Every sixth couple needs professional help because of infertility. We are talking about large numbers that can be reduces with some simple changes in lifestyle. Many problems with fertility can be prevented naturally. The effort needs to be invested before conception. Six months prior to conception is an ideal time for taking certain measures. The tips below are suitable for all types of couples, regardless of whether they already had fertility problems or not.

Body weight

Obese women are less fertile due to polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, obesity can cause diabetes which can cause miscarriage. Underweight women in general do not regularly ovulate. Overweight men are commonly more infertile than men with average weight. The reason is excess fat in the body, which can interfere with the production of sperm. Women and men need to maintain a healthy body weight if they want to conceive.


Eat more organic food. Reduce the amount of caffeine in the body to the maximum of 300 mg per day. Some doctors advise to consume maximum to 100 mg of caffeine per day. Excessive amounts of caffeine can reduce both male, and female fertility.

Make sure that you eat enough protein. The daily diet of meat, poultry, fish and dairy products improves egg production. It is good to avoid soy because it has a slightly contraceptive effect. Reduce your intake of artificial flavors and additives. Buy fresh meat, fish and vegetables rather than the finished and semi-finished meals. For snacks prefer to eat healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts, not chocolate chips.

Food supplements

Foods do not contain all the necessary nutrients, so it’s recommended to take food supplements, of course with the consent of your doctor. Expectant mothers should consume only 400 micrograms of folic acid per day, from the moment they are trying to get pregnant, until the end of 12 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the organism of women, sometimes folic acid is consumed during the entire pregnancy. Iron is also needed in the form of special vitamin products for pregnant women.

Multivitamin products

Women who are malnourished or women who are smoking and drinking alcohol should consume multivitamin products manufactured specifically for women who want to get pregnant. Smoking can reduce fertility 10 to 40% per cycle, because the toxicity of cigarettes changes the production of estrogen. Cigarettes can reduce sperm count by 20% and increase the risk of creating a large number of abnormal embryos. For men it is also appropriate to consume multivitamin products. L – carnitine is a substance that is very similar to amino acids and is associated with vitamin B complex, so it can increase the amount of spermatozoids and improve their mobility.


Men and women should exercise at least for half an hour, five times at week. Light exercises include brisk walking, easy cycling etc. But don’t forget, that in all there should be a limit, as well as in exercising. Excessive exercise may reduce fertility in women.

Get rid of stress

Stress can also affect the fertility in men and women. Sense of tension and fatigue can be rectified with a gentle massage from your partner. Get rid of stress only in a couple of minutes with the help of the massage. Indulge in activities that make you happy, relaxed and avoid people and situations that make you upset and nervous.

Make love as much as possible

Instead of being stressed, just relax and make love with your partner as much as possible (two or three times in a week is enough). Making love only in the period of ovulation may spoil the spontaneous enjoyment.