5 rules for naming your child

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Rules for naming your child

For most parents, especially for those experiencing parenthood for the first time, choosing a name for their child is exciting and challenging. But often, future parents fail to agree about the name. There are no some specific rules about this issue, but you should follow some unwritten guidelines.

If you are expecting a baby and still have not decided on the name, take a look at these five tips on choosing a name!

  • To avoid problems with the pronunciation of the name and the surname, make sure that the last letter of the name is not the same as the first letter of the surname.
  • The name should “fit” with the surname, so make sure that the name sounds good with the surname. The rule is that long surname goes better with a short name, and vice versa.
  • If you are undecided, make a list of different names you like and cross out each day by one name, until you get to the real one, the name that you both will love.
  • Be careful with unique, original and foreign names, because although it would be nice if your child has a unique name, it will have to deal with the name you’ve chosen all of his/her life.
  • It may happen that your family want to impose a name for your baby. Listen to their suggestions, but try to avoid conflicts and keep on mind that this is your child and therefore is your choice and your decision. Choosing a name for you baby should be fun and at ease, therefore make sure to enjoy it!