Important rules to stay young

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Imporant rules to stay young

Every woman desires to stay forever young and beautiful. If you’re wondering how to stay young or how to look younger at least, it is not so complicated. There are a few rules to be followed in order to provide youth and health for the coming years.

How to stay young and beautiful

Here are the rules how to stay young looking and beautiful as long as possible:

Drink more water

Drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day to keep the vitality of the skin. Water, of course, must be clean. Don’t use boiling water. The ideal option would be water by a balmy water source, but you can drink and defrosted water.

Have a quality sleep

The lack of sleep, not only will make you feel bad, but it will reflect poorly on your appearance also. Quality and healthy sleep rests your soul and body and relieves negative emotions. So, find a good time to get some quality sleep.

“Clean up” your gut

Many people ignore this important rule. The colon is what exact discards the impurities and unnecessary things from our body. Try really hard to allow the intestines to work optimally. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables.

More fresh air

Regularly ventilate your home and at work. Try to walk more. Go somewhere in nature at the weekend. And remember, lack of fresh air will bring you nothing good to your health.

Visit sauna or bath

It is known that through the skin large amounts of toxic materials are being released, and the normal functioning of the body depends of the state of its pores. Bath not only cleans the pores, but also improves the blood circulation.

Minerals and vitamins

In the summer, include various fruits and vegetables in your daily menu. The best sources of vitamins in the winter are dried fruits and extracts from medicinal herbs. Make sure to take some of the following products everyday: tomatoes, turkey meat, broccoli, nuts, beans, pumpkins, raisins, dried apricots and prunes, oatmeal and tea bar.


Scientists have proved that a single smile prolongs the life for five minutes. Always think positive and remember: the mental youth is more important than the physical.