Hypnosis: What It Is And How Does It Work?

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How many times have you passed in front of a hypnotherapy Melbourne center and start to picture a mysterious hypnotist figure common in comic books, television and movies? Although this popular representation brings little resemblance to the actual hypnotism, the modern understanding of hypnotherapy concept has many different key points.

What is hypnotherapy?

Also known as hypnosis, hypnotherapy is a method of inducing a relaxed state of mind in order to treat some psychological or emotional disorders including anxiety, phobias, asthma, insomnia, fears, stress, smoking, etc. Modern hypnotherapy is recognized as an effective healing tool by the scientific community and can be implemented as a part of medical and psychological treatments. It is important to mention that a person cannot be hypnotized against their will.

The hypnotic state

Once your mind in a relaxed state, it will be more open to therapeutic suggestions which will have great effects on attitudes, behaviors and perceptions. Some studies have shown that hypnotherapy promotes particular kind of brain activity allowing the mind to adopt new ideas.

The control is yours

As mention before, the suggestions will be acceptable only if you allow it. Opposite to popular belief, you can not be hypnotized to do things that you don’t want to do. Moreover, you can’t be ‘forced’ into a hypnotic state either. You are the one who allow yourself to be hypnotized and stays in control all the time.

Risks of hypnotherapy

When performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner, hypnotherapy is considered a pretty safe treatment. In rare cases, a patient may experience headache, dizziness, anxiety feeling, false memories and stomach upset.

Hypnotherapy methods

Usually, getting in a relaxed state of mind involves the use of imaginary. First of all you will be asked to find a comfortable position and start to imagine a peaceful place. A hypnotic state feels like the dreamy state of mind that occurs just before you fall asleep – with the difference that you are alert and aware of your surrounding all the time.

Finding a hypnotherapy practitioner

Ask your doctor for a reliable hypnotherapy Melbourne center. You can also contact a professional association for a list of members. On your first visit, inform your hypnotherapist about your medical history and any concerns about your health, including medications that you have been taking.